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How it works

Step 1


No contract. Hit us at our discord server or at, and we’ll set your Pinch page and account.

Step 2


Let your fans know they can support you by paying with Pinch and share your page.

Step 3

Start Earning

Once your fans start paying with Pinch you start earning and getting giveaways for your community.


  • Can any creator join?
  • When can I join?
  • What’s the Beta product?
  • What’s the difference between Pinch Sub ...
  • What if I don’t need financial support?
  • I have more questions, how can I talk to...
  • Can any creator join?

    We’re on a mission to empower. Yes, any creator can join.

  • When can I join?

    We are now with our Beta product, onboarding creators one at a time. You’re welcome to secure your spot in the list as soon as you feel like it. The sooner you get into the list, the sooner your fans can start supporting you with Pinch. We expect to open our product for self-enrollment during 2021.

  • What’s the Beta product?

    It’s a bank account and debit card for your fans to support you by just paying with Pinch. So why do we call it Beta? Because for now we drip creators one at a time, slowly, to make sure you and your fans get the right amount of attention, love and support from us. Once we’re ready for the masses, everyone would be able to join.

  • What’s the difference between Pinch Sub and the free account?

    Your fans can choose between our free product and the Sub. When a fan of yours chooses the free product, you start earning part of the swipe fees that are being paid by the stores that the Pinch card of your fans is being swiped at. When a fan of yours chooses the Sub product they pay $5 to support you, similar to a Twitch sub, and they get points for every purchase they do with the Pinch card.

  • What if I don’t need financial support?

    That’s great for you and we hope as many creators would get to that status. Anyway, you can choose a Cause and then your fans support will be funneled to the organization/cause you choose. It really comes down to this - either your fans’ banks get these swipe fees, or you choose where these fees will go to. Take the red pill.

  • I have more questions, how can I talk to you?

    We’re happy to chat, just say hi at and we’ll get back to you before you’d manage to get spawned into your next game.

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